The Friendship Bond Book

Looking for more out of friendship, but unsure if true, loving friends actually exist? Follow Melanie through her personal (and sometimes painfully honest) journey toward discovering purpose-based friendship. Learn how to leave your draining friendships for a new friendship zone founded on mutual trust, intentional investment, reciprocated exchange, and healthy boundaries. If you long for deep and loving friendships you never thought possible, then let The Friendship Bond take you to a new place where purpose-based friendship prevails! You and your friends can collectively go through Dates with Friends (companion book to The Friendship Bond) to spur on conversations, instigate insightful discussions, and together build bonds that are meant to last!

  • Cristin Parker

    Founder of The Leadership Institute

  • Cheryl Rios

    CEO of Go Ape Marketing

  • Cari Lee Sladek

    Los Angeles, California

  • Cheri Copely

    Author, Illustrator, Mom