Helping others navigate life.

Helping others navigate life.

My heart is to help people navigate life. My clients express a desire to become “unstuck” when they come to me. For some this means gaining confidence to take the next step. For others there’s a desire to identify specific areas that have been holding them back.

I’m a good fit if you’re seeking to enlist a “life strategist.” Together, we create a life plan to reach your goals to let go of dead weight, move forward with your aspirations, pursue inner healing, and walk out your life purpose. For this reason, we focus on the person, not the problem.

We map out specifics that can help you cultivate healthy mindsets, life patterns, identify unhealthy habits, overarching fears, or toxicity that could be holding you back from being who you’re authentically created to be. In doing so, we take into consideration your gifting’s, heart, abilities, temperament, and experiences. Together, we mutually assess your progress, your goals, and your mission.

What Are Dr. Mel's Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Learning and Development from The University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Texas at Austin – Dean’s Honor Roll (summa cum laude- Spring semester)
  • Awarded the Lee Hage and Joseph Jamail Academic Scholarship Recipient while at University of Texas at Austin
  • Certification in Temperament Therapy
  • Master’s in Temperament Therapy (magna cum laude)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (magna cum laude)
  • Licensed Pastoral Counselor

First Session and Beyond

Each client is unique and each session is unique. Together, we will tailor what type of session works best for you. As with any relationship, we build rapport and trust over multiple sessions. For some individuals our bond is quick and for others it takes some time. Together, we move forward mutually assessing your progress, your goals, and your mission.

Before Your First Session:
You will fill out the new patient forms below. These forms are required and must be signed before we begin our sessions. If you have questions prior to signing, we can go over them together.

What Should You Expect Your First Session?

Please don’t worry, it’s very normal to be nervous. Remember, half of the battle is in showing up. You’ll soon realize that this process is not your “typical therapy session.” It’s closer to being in a classroom, with a coach, and a chalk board. We look at the exciting, challenging, and unexplored parts of your life. Together, we will discover who you are and what’s brought you here.

Arrival: You’ll check in at front desk. I’ll greet you in the lobby. Please bring your completed forms.

Time: Allow first session to take 60-90 minutes. During your session: We will talk, discuss, and process your Temperament Profile results. We will brainstorm using a white board to diagram, write out, draw out, and unfold the topics at hand. I’ve found this appeals to the visual and auditory processing part of your brain.

How many sessions will I need? Each person’s situation is unique, but on average after 3-4 sessions, clients start implementing and processing on their own accord in new ways. It’s at this juncture that we evaluate if more sessions are needed.

Are Our Session’s Confidential? Absolutely! By law, I’m not free to discuss what’s shared during our sessions. However, you’re able to sign a release if you’d like to give me the freedom to share with a third party.


  • One time,15-minute phone consultation: FREE
  • Individual First Session: $150/ 60 minutes
  • Individual Therapy (after first session): $100 / 60 minutes
  • Couple or Group Sessions: $150 / 60 minutes
  • No Show Charge: Full Fee
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours in Advance: Full Fee
  • Following sessions: $100 for 60 minutes

When Is Payment Due? Payment is due upon service. You’ll receive an invoice and receipt via email. Check and all major credit cards accepted.

Does Dr. Mel Offer Insurance?

I do not offer insurance.

However, I do offer “Fee- Free” days for those that truly cannot afford a session.

Got Questions?

Please e-mail me to set up a free phone consultation:

I will share with you my process. We can decide if us working together is your next step in taking ground in your life.