Taking ground.

Taking ground.

A life map compels its sojourners to identify their interests, desires, and objectives before proceeding to the route. Most of my clients arrive at my door desiring progress, but need another voice in their lives to motivate, guide, and inspire. This is me. I purpose to equip individuals to embark on their journey.

Some of my clients fear the first step for lack of introspection. Others have begun their trek but come to a fork in the road. Whether arriving at my office prior to their first step or already in stride, my clients tend to have something in common. They are ready for more.

As a Life Strategist, I work alongside individuals ranging from young adults to mature ones. The high school student desiring a “third voice” to help them stay focused. The recent college grad searching for the right fit. The stay-at-home mom headed for a new life launch. The business man preparing for a creative business venture. Whatever the situation, together, we create a customized navigation system for their next steps. Affirming and developing my clients’ strengths, we identify a direction with a specific purpose. The life map takes shape and begins to have potential destinations.

I commit to the person, not the problem. Identity and purpose come first. Subsequently, unhealthy habits and overarching fears are no longer stifling forward motion. The healthy mindset gives way to the fruition of my clients’ innate giftedness.

As a Life Strategist, my relationship with my clients does not conclude at the unveiling of their life map. The fulfillment continues by assessing progress and implementing adjustments. Life denotes duration. That is my commitment.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Learning and Development from The University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Texas at Austin – Dean’s Honor Roll (magna cum laude- Spring semester)
  • Awarded the Lee Hage and Joseph Jamail Academic Scholarship Recipient while at University of Texas at Austin
  • Advanced Certification in Temperament Therapy
  • Master’s in Temperament Therapy (magna cum laude)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (magna cum laude) in Temperament Therapy
  • Licensed Clinical Counselor

First Session and Beyond

Each client is unique and each session is unique. Together, we will tailor what type of session works best for you. As with any relationship, we build rapport and trust over multiple sessions. Together, we move forward mutually assessing your progress, your goals, and your mission.

Before Your First Session:
You will fill out the new patient forms below. These forms are required and must be signed before we begin our sessions. If you have questions prior to signing, we can go over them together.

What Should You Expect Your First Session?

We will unpack, unleash, restore, and rebuild YOU! Covering everything from the past, present, and future aspects of your life. We will brainstorm and devise a life map, strategies to help you accomplish your mission/goals, and discover new realms of possibilities that you might have overlooked. Together, we will discover who you are, what’s brought you here, and find ways to get you to where you want to go.


  • Cancellation less than 24 hours in Advance: Full Fee
  • Payment is due upon service.
  • No insurance is accepted.
  • Sliding scale rates apply.

Got Questions?

E-mail contact@melanierossmills.com to set up an initial consultation.