About Dr. Mel, Top Motivational Speaker

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I noticed a common thread in the men, women, teens, and children that crossed my path. Each person had a desire to connect, a thirst to be loved, and a need to feel significant. There was one thing that aided in meeting these needs…  buy bonding. Their experiencing an organic life bond with another promoted true, authentic life transformation.

How could I share this experience on a broader scale? Do I write do a blog (like the rest of the world), write a book, public speak, conduct workshops, meet one-on-one, use media as an outlet? The answer was Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes to all of the above.

The birth of my brand, Life Bonds™ would represent all of the different outlets I could use to share what I was learning with the hopes of encouraging, challenging, inspiring, and most importantly- promoting life bonds. I would use my background in Temperament Therapy as the foundation, to provide a common language, and to remind people of their worth. (I truly believe that we cannot offer what we do not first possess.)

My first guidebook,  acquistare starlix The Friendship Bond was written in 2012. This book helps readers cultivate healthy friendships. Soon after came,  Dipyridamole comprar. Anginar sem receita medica. The Couples Bond in 2013. A guidebook that helps couples relate through their temperament blends. And most recently I completed,  günstig kaufen maxaquin The Identity Bond in 2015. This guidebook helps the reader become more self-aware of who they are and what might be holding them back from living authentically. All of the books are meant to be shared and walked through with others.

Since the launch of the Life Bonds™ books and workshops, I’ve been honored to share in multiple capacities. I serve as a FOX News Radio Relationship Expert. I’ve been quoted or featured in Chicago Tribune, BRIDES magazine, Inside Fitness, and many more. I’ve been seen on ABC, CBS, KTVT, CW33, and multiple other stations.

Almost 20 years later, I’m still married to the same wonderful man. I’m enjoying raising a teenager, doing volunteer work, spending time with friends and family, spin and pilates classes, karaoke, and supporting local and national non-profits.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my background. I’m realize that I’m only one person in a sea of billions trying to leave the world a better place than when I entered. But my hope is that I leave an imprint that’s life-giving on mankind.

I look forward to bonding with you.

Dr. Mel