Episode 51  (Season 3)

Type 2: The InstaPerformer on Instagram

The Social "Me"dia Series

Dr. Mel challenges us to think about what type of “poster” we are as we “filter” through her different types. Some of us are heavy on one type, while others are a unique blend. Which are you? Join Dr. Melanie as she uncovers 4 different Instagram posters: The InstaLeader, InstaPerformer, InstaCreative, and InstaConncector. In this episode she highlights the InstaPerformer’s ability to engage.

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Dr. Mel uses her own life lessons and experiences as she covers a variety of life topics.

If you’re thinking about it, it’s worth discussing. 

Dating. Patience. Joy. Parenting. Anger. Codependence. Postpartum. Jealousy. Friendship. Depression. Managing Success. Forgiveness. Boundaries. Leadership. Disappointment. Fear. Compromise. Insecurity. Pride. Peace. Self-Control. Bonding. Servanthood. Kindness. Wisdom. Playfulness. Gratitude. Honesty. Protection. Emotional Intelligence. Respecting Yourself and Others. Guilt & Shame. Positivity. Significance. Growth. Discernment.

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