Life Bonds Workshops

What is a LifeBonds™ Workshop?

Merriam Webster defines bond: a uniting or binding element or force: tie. i.e. the

bonds of friendship

The word bond has the power to emote security for many, while the association for others triggers negative connotations. Either way, a bond is a tie that binds. The bond of being securely united represents joy, opposed to the bond of being stuck which is tied to pain. A LifeBonds Workshop creates a group setting for individuals with bonds that would flourish from a simple renovation; while others seek complete deconstruction, in the hopes of rebuilding.

Dr. Mel commences the workshop at the ground level. Charging attendees to seek introspection, she leads them into, and through, a blueprint of self discovery. Relating via personal experiences, while coaching as a licensed Temperament Therapist, Dr. Mel propels the group into self awareness. While identifying innate strengths, she pinpoints unhealthy patterns that derail her clients from the intended fulfillment of the bonds of family, friendship, dating, marriage, vocation and more. Through group activities, shared discussions and suggested applications, this bond-altering experience catapults the attendees not only individually, but collectively. . . for life.



Would you like for Dr. Mel to facilitate a workshop for your small group, best friends, employees or to bring a unique group together for bonding and growth?

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