Keynote Speaking Topics

Keynote Speaking Topics

Dr. Melanie values her ability to customize her engagements within the realm of her expertise. Below is a list of her most requested material.


10 Ways to Become More Likeable in the Workplace

Based on one of Dr. Mel’s most popular Life Bonds™ podcast episodes, “10 Ways to Become More Likeable,” she customizes her message. She addresses the reality that we’ve all questioned whether or not our co-workers like us, our boss approves, or the client favors our sparkling personality.

Dr. Melanie addresses the question: “Is it possible to make yourself become more likeable in the workplace?” She says, “YES! And you might even expand your client base, get a raise, and make a few friends along the way.

1) Own Your Strengths

2) Get in the Game

3) Be Curious

4) Contribute

5) Do Things Out of Prompting, Not Obligation

6) It’s Not All About You

7) Find the Strengths, Interests, and Treasures in Others

8) Stop Complaining

9) Find Common Ground During

10) Smile and Laugh



Leadership in the Workplace

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees – Dr. Mel builds on the foundation that each individual has the same basic needs. Operating from a place that seeks to contribute to building on these basic needs produces higher yields, deeper connectivity, and stronger leadership within a company.

  • To feel appreciated (love)
  • To feel valued (significant)
  • To feel stable (secure)

In this keynote/workshop Dr. Mel helps the audience discover their unique temperament type:

  • Natural born leader
  • Performer
  • Creative
  • Peacemaker

Once identified, she expounds on:

  1. How the types play out in the workplace environment.
  2. How leadership grows out of each type in different forms.
  3. Why understanding and helping cultivate the different types produces a cohesive, gracious, and powerful dynamics between owners, managers, staff, and clients.
  4. How to invest in the individual’s basic needs and utilize unique temperament leadership styles.



Discovering your Money Type

(Excellent keynote for Financial Industry with individuals or couples.)

 Many times, discussing “money” issues can be awkward. Dr. Mel approaches the topic with a light heartedness and humor; thus, softening a topic that can often be uncomfortable to discuss.

Dr. Mel begins with looking at your personal relationship with money and ends with identifying your specific type that plays out in the workplace, as well as, personal relationships.

What’s your money script?

Financial psychologists refer to the term “money script” to describe our core beliefs about money that begin in childhood. These can passed down generationally or come from messages we received. Each of us have received messages about money- some healthy, some not so healthy.

  • What’s your earliest childhood memory of the first time you asked for money, were given money, earned money?
  • What feelings or emotions were attached to this experience? (helpless, anxious, controlled, stressed, confident, valued, special)

What’s your family messaging?

Our caretakers and significant people in our lives have taught us about money.

  • Were there family topics in regards to money that were off limits growing up?
  • What have you revisited, revised, or redone relative to your family messaging?

What’s your money type?  (** This could be a single keynote message in itself. Very popular – as people love to learn about themselves.**)

Dr. Mel helps the audience discover their unique temperament money type.

The Controller

  • The Controller
  • The Giver
  • The Procrastinator
  • The Saver

She addresses each type and explains how each is naturally bent perceive, manage money in certain ways.

For example- a natural born leader will be more prone to taking financial risks than an introverted saver that prefers to have a nest egg. Where one type sees money as a means to enjoy life, another views it as a form of security and stability.

Bringing in humor- asking audience to share how they prefer to spend their “bonus” checks to having each type “identify their own kind.”



 Navigating Relationships (and Friendships)

(Excellent for team building.)

Friendship & Relationship Expert, Dr. Melanie, uses her humor, wit, and content from her well received book, The Friendship Bond to guide you in navigating the rocky waters of tough friendships and build on the calm seas of healthy ones.

  • You will identify your personality type as the foundation.
  • You will identify toxic versus healthy traits in certain friendships.
  • You will learn how to implement boundaries.
  • You will become more aware of reciprocating, taking, and giving in the relationships you care about.

Dr. Melanie is an excellent source for engaging your heart and mind, challenging you to become an even better version of who you are today in regard to relationship building.


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