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Dr. Melanie Ross Mills chats with MD., MBA, ER Doctor (Harvard and Yale trained), Dr. Darria Long. Together they discuss the value of choosing areas in your life that you want to do well and giving yourself grace for the rest. Taking smart risks in life. Dr. Darria offers "Mom Hacks" that will help us all manage life with a little less stress. She then gives us the 4 D's that will keep us low risk for Covid (distance, duration, density, and degree). A chit chat that you will be glad you watched! Thank you Dr. Darria! F


Find Dr. Darria on drdarria.com and @drdarria

What began as a personal need to connect during quarantine has now become conversations meant to inspire, ignite, and encourage as she records her conversations and shares them with the world. Offering additional bonding opportunities with each clip for those wanting more...CHIT CHAT questions for engagement included after every chit chat. Mel enjoys sharing her guests with viewers - lifelong learners, thought leaders, and inspirational messages to the world. She loves to share her guest’s personal story, as well as, their expertise, extracts tips/advice/wisdom for the listeners, and hopefully instigates thought on life topics worth contemplating. Mills believes true transformation happens once we have experienced trusted, bonded connection.

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