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Together we will grow into thinking critically, embracing wholeheartedly, connecting authentically, and pursuing intentionally. 

Join us as we cover life topics worth contemplating. 

We cannot invest in others until we invest in ourselves. You are worth the time. Grab your journal, open your heart, and let's bond! 

Episode 1

The Value of 

Heart Connecting

I was given the opportunity to speak at the CEOMOM Dallas Power 15 luncheon this year. An absolute honor to share with and glean from a room of beautiful, working mothers. 


As I prepared my keynote I was reminded of the deep loneliness I had experienced as a young mom. Sure I was great at wearing masks that everything was "wonderful," but it wasn't. Inside I was hurting and confused, fearful and misplaced. It wasn't until I discovered that I was lacking authentic heart knit connections that I began to lift the veil, little by little. Allowing safe people to peek into the heart of a fear based young mom. Which changed everything. 


Heart level versus surface level gives us the freedom to be known and the beauty to embrace our truest self. Be encouraged knowing that you are not alone in your darkest of days. There are people that care and there are hearts that are open to receive your truest self. 

  1. Who are your top three heart-knit connections?

  2. Why do you value their friendship?

  3. Have you experienced loneliness due to a lack of connectedness?

  4. What can you do in the future to connect authentically with others? 

Episode 3

The Value of 

Alone Time

Growing up my dad would make me stay in my room for a certain amount of time during the summer. I would head into my room with a bad attitude. While my friends were swimming and having fun, I was stuck in my room. I would listen to my walkman, doodle in my journal, and stare at my Cure music posters on the wall. Bored, bored, bored. I would count the minutes until I could leave my prison. 

What I didn't realize was that I was setting myself up for cherishing alone time. I created a foundation that would afford me the ability to sit and think. I would come to like myself in ways I wouldn't have known. I appreciated the way that I thought about life. I enjoyed the silly and deep thoughts I would conjure up. I learned to like being with me. A priceless gift I would forever possess. 

  1. Do you value alone time? 

  2. Where does your mind go when you consecrate time by yourself?

  3. How do you benefit by making alone time for yourself?

Episode 5

The Value of Understanding

Money Messaging

Many of us were not taught that there was a correlation between our temperament type and how we view money. Nor have we been challenged to look at how our upbringing has influenced our feelings towards money and finances. 


  1. What are your first memories in relation to money

  2. What impact did your upbringing have on your view of money?

  3. How have you seen your relationship to money play out in your life?

  4. Are there choices you've made or are making that you would like to change? If so, how? 

Episode 7

The Value of The Controller

So you're a Controller! Welcome to the the world of thinking in numbers, holding onto passwords, and micro-managing your finances. 


  1. What strengths do you see in yourself as a Controller

  2. What areas would you like to improve?

  3. How can you offer your strengths to those around you?

Episode 9

The Value of The Saver

So you're a Saver! Welcome to the world of piggy banks and not tipping too much. You don't like to split the bill at dinner when your meal costs less than everyone else. You are great at resisting impulse buys and know how to exhibit self-control when it comes to spending. 


  1. What strengths do you see in yourself as a Saver

  2. What areas would you like to improve?

  3. How can you offer your strengths to those around you?

Episode 2

The Value of Your First Friend

As I began writing The Friendship Bond book, I reflected on my past friendships going as far back as I could remember. The more time I took to think about my experiences, the more vivid memories became. I was able to tap into the emotions I felt when I experienced my first pang of rejection. I pieced together the patterns of protection that stemmed from my very first friendship. Patterns that traveled with me for much of my life. Primarily because I did not have the tools to understand my own emotions and hurts. I did not know how to change my mindset. I was not aware of the ways I would bring my fears into decades of relationships. This realization became the catalyst and foundation for a book that could helpfully help women of all ages. It dawned on me that right thinking about our friendships could serve us well. Instead of carrying hurts we could embrace the good. 

  1. What are your first memories of your very first friend?

  2. How has he/she made a long-term impact in your life?

  3. What did you learn from this friendship about yourself and others?

  4. Are there any messages you would like to re-program?

Episode 4

The Value of

Letting Go of Fear

There have been times I didn't leave my house for fear of being judged. Sounds irrational to most of us, and it is, but it's true. I reached a point in my life where I gave the voice of those around me more power than I gave my own voice. It was this realization (and a few other things) that forced me to look at all that was holding me back from functioning as optimally as I could. Honest self-reflection and admitting to myself that I had been believing lies deeper than I knew existed motivated me to listen to my thoughts and pay attention to how they were playing out in my life. I had to ask myself, "What's the worst thing that could happen to me if I left the house?" 

  1. Have you taken a long hard look at any fears in your life that are dictating your thoughts, actions, words? 

  2. What specific fear is holding you back today? 

  3. Why are you allowing that fear to override your  freedom? 

  4. What's the worst thing that could happen if you actually "left the house?" 

Episode 6

The Value of Knowing Your Temperament Type

Clearly each of us has outside influences and life experiences that impact our relationship with money, but our temperament (personality) type is an influencer as well. The extroverts can be more risky and the introverts better savers. 

What's your type? Click here to take a quick quiz.

Episode 8

The Value of The Giver

So you're a Giver! The world of truly believing that everything will work out in the end, bills will get paid somehow, and money is created for good times. 


  1. What do you love about being a Giver? 

  2. What challenges have you experienced as a Giver?

  3. In what ways would you like to grow as a Giver?

Episode 10

The Value of The Planner