Melanie's interview-based segments offer new ways of thinking, and provide an outlet for positive, fun, challenging and heartwarming material for guests.
Melanie Ross Mills
Leila: The key to a successful marriage. (PART 2)
Robin: The Thinking Partner
A quick glimpse into how he approaches coaching regarding the individual mindset.
Charlotte: Charlitude Speaks to the Multitudes (PART 1)
A glimpse into an ovarian cancer survivor.
Kim: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover (PART 2)
An up close and personal glimpse into Kim's heart, her sense of humor and her uncanny ability to not take herself too seriously.

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Under Conversations, find meaningful, insightful and purposeful interviews. Under Life Bonds, learn about topical bonding books that offer fun-filled, preplanned activities to help you grow deeper in your relationships.

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Posted on: August 24th, 2014
Don’t we all love a good discussion about love?!dallas/c1qa6 I am excited to announce
Posted on: August 10th, 2014
    Part 2 BREASTLESSNESS October 1 The call came in around 8:45 am. The diagnosis was stage 2 level 3 breast cancer, tripl
Posted on: July 26th, 2014
I remember I was cooking over my stove top and on the phone with Christine one afternoon. Christine, you are going to be jus
life bonds
Life Bonds™ offers topical bonding books that help relationships grow stronger through thought-provoking journaling, connection, and purposeful interaction.
Melanie Ross Mills
the couple's bond

The Couple's Bond The Couples Bond is guidebook that promotes relationship bonding and connection through self-discovery. Using a simple step-by-step process, Mills introduces a communication technique that reveals a couple's compatibilities and differences ... read more Order Your Copy Now

the friendship bond

The Firnedship Bond Looking for more out of friendship, but unsure if true, loving friends actually exist? Follow Melanie through her personal (and sometimes painfully honest) journey toward discovering purpose-based friendship. Learn how to ... read more Order Your Copy Now

life bonds groups

The Friendship Bond

The Mission: The mission of The Friendship Bond is to build bonds with other women that are authentic, intentional, and lasting.

The Mom Bond

The Mission: The mission of The Mom Bond is to encourage authentic, heartfelt support and connection between married or single moms.  In spending time together as a small group on The Mom Bond journey you will discover the healthy balance of caring for yourselves while also caring for your children and your spouse.

The Marriage Bond

The Mission: The Mission of The Marriage Bond is to instigate intentional exploration into your marriage relationship. This time of exploration promotes respect, appreciation, and honor between spouses. Through guided connection, growth and bonding between you and your spouse can occur.

The Family Bond

The Mission: The mission of The Family Bond is to draw the family unit closer together.  The participating family members will be strengthened both personally and as a family unit.  Thought-provoking conversations, fun activities, and purposeful exchanges will contribute to forming deeper connections between the parents and their children.

The Cancer Bond

The Mission:  The Cancer Bond exists to uplift, encourage, and enable both the person with cancer and their supporter through the difficult process that begins with their diagnosis and continues throughout treatment.  This book will serve as a guide to help instigate discussion and connection between cancer patient and supporter.  It also provides tools to help both people make it through the tough and sometimes seemingly unending road to healing.