Dr. Mel

  • januvia kaufen Dr. Mel has hit on a truth that’s rarely discussed: many of us look in the mirror and don’t like who we see. As children, most of us grow up loving who we are and who we are becoming, but then something changes along the way. Somehow we stop appreciating who we are and we lost sight of our identity. This is a big problem in our society and Dr. Mel sets out to help us rediscover and reconnect to who we really are so we can become who we’re meant to be.

  • comrar venta coreg Dr. Melanie Ross Mills' mission to examine, heal & nurture our most primary relationships, including our most vital relationship - with ourselves, is nothing short of a revolution. She has forever shifted the way I view & approach my own relationships, proving that by managing expectations, we can protect our hearts & set boundaries and at the same time approach the world & those we love with greater compassion & understanding. As we stand at a gender crossroads where men are eager to find deeper ways to connect & women strive to shed the modes of competition & separation that don't serve us any longer, Dr Mills work allows us to see ourselves & each other & pushes us all into the light.

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