Dr. Mel offers insight and strategies on life topics worth contemplating.

Life BONDing

LIFE BONDS™ instigates thought on life topics worth contemplating through the LIFE BONDS™ channel, book series, podcast, workshops, and one-on-one intensive sessions. 

The Identity Bond cultivates greater self-awareness for it's reader. A series of 15 life questions help you uncover your personal strengths, thinking patterns, belief systems, fears, and mindsets. You will be challenged to reframe and reengineer your internal 

dialogue in ways that free you from your own constraints.  

Melanie Mills has given us a much needed tool in a world that is confusing, fast paced, and distracting. The Identity Bond is enlightening to the heart and helps us embrace our worth. A transformational book that will change you forever. 

Parker Henry

The most compelling insights are often the most simple. Mills takes a very complex topic- self-awareness- and breaks it into understandable and relatable material;. It takes a results oriented approach. A must read for anyone who seeks to gain better knowledge of themselves. 

Laura Smith

The Friendship Bond is perfect for you if you're looking for more out of friendship. Follow Melanie through her personal (and sometimes painfully honest) journey toward discovering purposed-based friendship. 

This book should be titled The Friendship Bible. It elicits change and shifts within personal relationships more uniquely and truthfully than I've ever seen. Pure gold! 

Melissa Stewart

This material has been a game changer for my daughter, her friendships, and mine as well! We aren't taught to think in these terms. From friend categories to boundaries. It is a must read at any age. It's never too late to become a better friend to yourself and others. Thank you Dr. Mel! 

Amy Taylor

The Couples Bond is a guidebook that promotes relationship bonding and connection through self-discovery. Using a step-by-step process, Dr. Mills introduces communication techniques that reveal a couple's compatibilities and differences. 

Dr. Mills uses learning about your personality type and then helps us understand how we are wired and how our mate is wired. This gives us a common language which in turn helps us form a more solid relationship foundation. 

Steve and Stacey Patterson

Initially I didn't want to go through another "self-help"book, but this one was different. It was thought-provoking and insightful. Melanie shares her own stories that helped us begin our own discussions. This book opened the door for much needed conversations. 

Ben Moore