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Temperament Therapist and Relational Health Expert, Dr. Melanie Ross Mills creates an environment that encourages attendees to not only learn about themselves, but also one another in fresh, unique, meaningful, and insightful ways- resulting in their feeling valued, appreciated, and understood. 

Dr. Mills facilitates wellness programs that are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach towards mental, emotional, social well-being by addressing the whole person. She instigates meaningful experiences for the attendees and creates genuine connections between it's members.

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95% of human resources executives admit that employee burnout is a leading cause of workforce turnover.

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Dr. Melanie Ross Mills offers half and full day, and weekend retreat workshops for millennials and their leaders in the workplace. Mills utilizes her background in Temperament Therapy and experience in relational health to create a unique, valuable, and bonding corporate experience.

Mills' workshops enhance company culture, encourage cohesion, improve engagement, increase satisfaction, and boost motivation through corporate wellness education. Team-building activities, and collaborative involvement instigate thought, prompt discussion, empower mindsets, and educate attendees.


Each individual will navigate personal and professional development through a fresh lens as they identify their temperament blend, possible roadblocks to workplace freedom, insight into emotional intelligence, how to form new neural pathways, getting unstuck from old mindsets, the value of forming a personal mission statement, and much much more- resulting in increased work-life satisfaction, feeling valued, enriched personal relationships, and effective strategies to overcome setbacks and challenges moving forward.


Dr. Mel's workshops are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee well-being as we address the whole person and build an organizational culture of health through meaningful experiences for the company and it's members.


"Dr. Mel is impacting our city and making it a better place through helping people build healthy relationships with themselves and others." 

CEO Mom magazine

Editor in Chief

"You have been this beautiful surprise and love the alchemy you contributed through your workshop. Thank you for investing in my clients."

VP Investor Relations

Bank of America 

"I was enthralled. I found it (the workshop). It was insightful. It was fun. She connected with us. I found her informative and totally right on the money. I found myself relating it to the men I work with. The men I work for. The people in my office. Across the board it was really easy for me to use the skills that I learned in everyday life." 

Financial Investment Firm
Event Chair


"Her workshop taught us about our Financial Personality and it has tremendously helped my spouse and I understand one another's money habits."

Town of Highland Park Event Planner

"Dr. Mel taught us that knowing the strengths of employees gives us insight into how they operate, and therefore, gives them insight on how to help them be successful."


Committee of Senior Business Administrators Event 

Texas A&M Business

Business Administrator

"Dr. Mel, we can’t thank you enough for pouring your heart into our interns... all were inspired by your intentional work with them becoming the best versions of themselves." 

Internship Workshop

Andrews Distributing Corporate

"Melanie inspired us to overcome obstacles, face fears, and gain confidence to 'go for it!'"

Lincoln Experience Center

Event Chair

"Dr. Mel, you did such a great job as our Relationship Expert, making Pay Back a Friend Day work! Your relationship advice is always spot on. Thank you!"

Bank of America

Head of Creative

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Relational Health Expert, Dr. Melanie Ross Mills invests in mothers to enhance family bonding, discover marital cohesion, experience authentic engagement, inspire healthy sibling relations, and explore personal self-discovery through half, full, weekend, and 4 day wellness workshops and retreats. Mills utilizes her background in Temperament Therapy and personal experience in motherhood to spur insightful dialogue between moms. 


Mom-building activities and collaborative involvement instigates thought, prompts discussion, empowers mindsets, and educates attendees. Each individual will navigate personal parental development through a fresh lens- resulting in increased family life satisfaction, feeling valuable, and posses effective strategies and tools to overcome setbacks and challenges moving forward.


Dr. Mel's workshops are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach towards parental well-being as she addresses the whole woman and builds a mindset of healthy bonding with her family.

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