Loretta, Business Administrator

As Keynote, Dr. Mel taught us that knowing the strengths of employees gives an insight to how they operate and, therefore, gives insight on how to help them be successful.

Loretta Foster

Business Administrator 

Texas A&M University

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Jeanette, Senior Vice President

Dr. Mel led my clients through a landmine of a topic - awkward conversations around money - with grace and grit. I was thrilled to see my clients open up, share their own life experiences and even private concerns in the safe space Dr. Mel created. They truly trusted her and her deep insights into their own internal messaging and relationship with money and families. It was powerful.

Jeanette Schneider

Senior Vice President of US Trust Bank of America 

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Holly, Event Coordinator

We learned about our Financial Personality and it has tremendously helped my spouse and I understand each other's money habits.


Town of Highland Park 

Event Planner


Vonna, CEO MOM President

Dr. Mel is fun and relatable which allows the audience to engage on a higher level. She is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Vonna Matthews, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, CEOMOM Magazine


Stephanie, Event Coordinator

It's not often that you experience real connection with a speaker, in front of hundreds of people. I don't know how she does it, but I'm super glad the does.

Stephanie Pratt

inspiring and informative

keynote topics

10 Ways to Become More Likeable.png

10 Ways to Become More Likable

Based on one of Dr. Mel’s most popular LIFE BONDS™ podcast episodes, “10 Ways to Become More Likable,” she customizes her message. She addresses the reality that we’ve all questioned whether or not our co-workers like us, our boss approves, or the client favors our sparkling personality.

Dr. Melanie addresses the question: “Is it possible to make ourselves become more likeable in the workplace?” She says, “YES! And we might even expand our client base, get a raise, and make a few friends along the way."

1) Own our strengths.

2) Get in the game.

3) Be curious.

4) Contribute

5) Do things out of prompting, not necessarily obligation.

6) It’s not all about us.

7) Find the strengths, interests, and treasures in others.

8) Stop complaining.

9) Find common ground.

10) Smile and laugh.

Mills enjoys inspiring and igniting deeper thoughts in regards to how we approach life. Reminding us that people aren't usually drawn to negativity and pessimism. The art of connecting is found in how we value and treat one another. 

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What's Your Money Type?


Discussing “money” issues can be awkward. Dr. Mel approaches the topic with a light heartedness and humor; thus, softening a topic that can often be uncomfortable to address.​ She begins with looking at our personal relationship with  money and ends with identifying our specific type that plays out in the workplace, as well as, personal relationships.

Financial psychologists refer to the term “money script” to describe our core beliefs about money that begin in childhood. These can passed down generationally or come from messages we received. Each of us have received messages about money- some healthy, some not so healthy.

  • What’s our earliest childhood memory of the first time we asked for money, were given money, or earned money? 

  • What feelings or emotions were attached to this experience? (helpless, anxious, controlled, stressed, confident, valued, special)

  • What’s our family messaging? Our caretakers and significant people in our lives have taught us about money.

  • Were there family topics in regards to money that were off limits growing up?

  • What have we revisited, revised, or redone relative to our family messaging?

The Friendship Bond.png

Navigating Relationships



Friendship & Relationship Expert, Dr. Melanie, uses her humor, wit, and content from her well received book, 



The Friendship Bond to guide us in navigating the  rocky waters in friendships and build on the calm seas of healthy ones.

  • We will identify your personality type as the foundation.

  • We will identify toxic versus healthy traits in certain friendships.

  • We will learn how to implement boundaries.

  • We will become more aware of reciprocating, taking, and giving in the relationships we care about. 


Dr. Melanie is an excellent source for engaging hearts and minds, challenging us to become an even better version of ourselves through relationship building.


  • MOMSNext Keynote

  • Bank of America Pay Back a Friend Day Friendship Expert

  • Clinique Product Launch Relationship Expert​​

  • Polished Women's Luncheons Speaker 

  • Northwood Woman's Club Keynote

  • Youth Mentor Program Keynote

  • Lakewood Early Childhood PTA Keynote

  • Career Connection Keynote

  • Rotary Club of North Dallas Keynote

  • Mom to Mom Keynote

  • Providence Mother Daughter Luncheon Keynote


  • Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS)

  • Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) Keynote


  • St. Andrews Methodist Church Women's Retreat Keynote

  • The Great Love Debate Panelist

  • Parish Episcopal School Speaker

  • Keller Chamber of Commerce Keynote

  • Lakes Highland Chamber of Commerce Keynote

  • National Charity League Park Cities Chapter Speaker