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"Whatever you do, make sure you're authentically connecting with others during this time - absence and disconnect makes the heart grow sick. Connectedness and healthy exchanges heal the heart, calm the mind, and ignite the spirit. It’s all about life bonding."  - Dr. Mel 


Creator of LIFE BONDS™, Dr. Melanie Ross Mills is expanding her footprint with the hopes of inspiring, encouraging, and helping people navigate life and connect in authentic ways. Her book series (The Friendship BondIdentity BondCouples Bond), podcast, social media, speaking, and workshops have proven to promote bonding as her audience engages.


She is excited to share the recently launched LIFE BONDS™ CHIT CHAT. What began as a personal need to connect during quarantine has now become conversations meant to inspire, ignite, and encourage as she records her conversations and shares them with the world. Offering additional bonding opportunities with each clip for those wanting more...CHIT CHAT questions for engagement included after every chit chat.  

She enjoys sharing her guests with viewers - lifelong learners, thought leaders, and inspirational messages to the world. She loves to share her guest’s personal story, as well as, their expertise, extracts tips/advice/wisdom for the listeners, and hopefully instigates thought on life topics worth contemplating.


Mills believes true transformation happens once we have experienced trusted, bonded connection.

Meet Vonna... Editor in Chief of CEOMOM magazine, Vonna Matthews. Vonna opens up about her upbringing, marriage, motherhood, and staying focused. She talks about her challenge to stay on course and the beauty in edifying others. Reminding us that it's actually selfish when we don't use our gifting's and strengths. A inspiring chit chat that will challenge us all to see the good in ourselves, as well as, others. Visit Vonna at @vonnamatthews and

Meet Larry... Founder of E! Television Network. A rare glimpse into the life of a media mogul that birthed pop culture. Larry shares about the current pandemic, how to raise bright children, cooking as therapy, and the value of embracing one another's differences. A down-to-earth chit chat about real life issues with a media mogul who has a heart to unify the world.

Meet Meaghan... Woman's Day magazine Editor in Chief and author of Fully Charged Life, Meaghan Murphy about overcoming loss, becoming a joy spreader, and speaking honestly about your aspirations. Meaghan offers an honest and refreshing approach towards motherhood, working, and marriage. An inspiring chat that will challenge us all to see the good and embrace our joy. Find Meaghan at @meaghanbmurphy.

Meet Jessica... OBGYN, Dr. Jessica Shepherd shares on being an advocate for your health, healthy boundaries, and unlocking gratitude. A down-to-earth chit chat about taking care of ourselves. Find Jessica at

Meet Brandi... actor, adventurer, nomad. Brandi Nicole Wilson chats about the life of an actor, how to handle "ego's" in the room, living life through an adventuresome lens, allowing your skill set to merge with your calling, embracing all kinds, and being a lifelong learner. Brandi inspires us all to slow down and celebrate our "daily wins" as she reflects on the wise words of Billy Joel's lyrics from "Vienna." A heartfelt conversation that will leave you wanting a friend as loving and kind as Brandi. Visit Brandi at

Meet Amanda... Creator and Founder of Tiny Tweaks, Amanda Leonard. She chats about health, habits, and happiness. Amanda offers life-changing "tiny tweaks" each of us can implement in our daily lives. Incredibly informative, inspiring, and calling us to become the best version of ourselves. Find Amanda at and @tinytweaksofficial.

Meet Demi... Parenting Expert, Mom extraordinaire, Demi Austin Thomas. Demi chats about implementing strategies for anxious moments, being an "unpredictable parent," embracing your worth, and celebrating life. She is pure joy and is bound to make you laugh. Demi is an absolute breath of fresh air. She will not only instigate thought, but inspire your life to live it to the fullest. Find Demi at @demiaustinthomas and

Meet Terry... Attorney, Adventurer, and Advocate for People, Terry Bentley Hill open up about eating disorders, depression, suicide, substance ideation, and HOPE! A timely discussion in the midst of COVID-19 on mental health and the relevant book, By Their Side. A crisis management resource anyone can use, whether you are taking care of a loved one or you are in the midst of your own pain. Learn more on

Meet Rocky... Identity Expert and author of Kill Doubt Build Conviction, Rocky Garza offers a rare glimpse into his "secret sauce" of unlocking your true identity as he walks us through Identity Mapping. He talks about missed opportunities to connect through vulnerability over the years. The value of men (and women) seeking to cultivate over conquering. Letting go of performance based success. His chat is packed with sound wisdom and life "convictions" to help you become the best version of yourself. Learn more about Rocky at @rockygarza.

Meet Tova... Podcast host, author, and mother Tova Sido chats about her podcast the Remedy, her life, her dreams and everything in between. An insightful interview with Tova Sido on borrowing courage, the value of kindness, living with intention, addressing depression, and grasping hope. A timely discussion in the midst of COVID-19 on mental health. Tova's podcast The Remedy offers remedies for life topics worth contemplating. Learn more on Tova at the

Meet Elana Lyn Gross and Emily Warren Landers... Authors, Whipper Snappers, and Career mined, together they chat about life after college and how to navigate career pursuits during #quarantine. Elana offers a 5 year plan out of her book, What NextAuthor of Take Flight book, Emily shares on the value of informational interviews. Together they address the value of connections, taking risks, and utilizing your strengths. A must watch for any college student preparing for "the real world" during a pandemic. Learn more about Elana at and Emily at

Meet Amy... Host, People person, mom, Amy Vanderoef chats about being a single, working mom during quarantine. Amy speaks on her love life, adventures in homeschooling, and hosting HSN from her dining room. An entertaining interview with Amy on seeing life through a glass half full, having empathy for those hurting around us, and embracing all life offers us. Learn more about Amy at

Meet Danyel... CEO, Podcast Host, and Speaker- Danyel Surrency Jones chats about honoring the pioneers that have gone before us, having the courageous conversations, fitting in with your own race, the reality of stereotyping, flipping the script, being a voice of change where you are planted, and choosing to strengthen the system. Ms Jones will definitely instigate thought and engage your heart as you reflect on this important day, Juneteenth. FInd Danyel on

Meet Cristin... Family Coach, Leader, Friend Cristin Parker chats on forming your family blueprint. Have you looked at parenting through a business model lens that provides a common language? Are you guiding your family members as a team? Are you reframing family problems into a collaborative opportunity for growth? Ms. Parker will instigate thought as you reflect on your time in quarantine and investing in the future. Find Cristin at and @cristinmparker

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills chats with MD., MBA, ER Doctor (Harvard and Yale trained), Dr. Darria Long. Together they discuss the value of choosing areas in your life that you want to do well and giving yourself grace for the rest. Taking smart risks in life. Dr. Darria offers "Mom Hacks" that will help us all manage life with a little less stress. She then gives us the 4 D's that will keep us low risk for Covid (distance, duration, density, and degree). A chit chat that you will be glad you watched! Thank you Dr. Darria!

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