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The Value of  Heart Connecting

I was given the opportunity to speak at the CEOMOM Dallas Power 15 luncheon this year. An absolute honor to share with and glean from a room of beautiful, working mothers.

As I prepared my keynote I was reminded of the deep loneliness I had experienced as a young mom. Sure I was great at wearing masks that everything was "wonderful," but it wasn't. Inside I was hurting and confused, fearful and misplaced. It wasn't until I discovered that I was lacking authentic heart knit connections that I began to lift the veil, little by little. Allowing safe people to peek into the heart of a fear based young mom. Which changed everything.

Heart level versus surface level gives us the freedom to be known and the beauty to embrace our truest self. Be encouraged knowing that you are not alone in your darkest of days. There are people that care and there are hearts that are open to receive your truest self.

Who are your top three heart-knit connections?

Why do you value their friendship?

Have you experienced loneliness due to a lack of connectedness?

What can you do in the future to connect authentically with others?

Accompanying video below.)


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