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You are created to build bonds that are meant to last. 

"Dr. Mel is our heart doctor."

meet dr.mel

Temperament Therapist

Relational Health &  Friendship Expert

As a Relational Health Specialist, Friendship Expert and Temperament Therapist, Dr. Melanie Ross Mills helps us establish and maintain meaningful relationships with self, friends, family members, co-workers, groups, and communities which develop from our interactions and connections with others. She reminds us that cultivating a network that is founded on supportive, healthy relationships can help meet our basic needs for love, significance, and security. 


As a burgeoning influencer and trusted voice, Dr. Mills has earned global acclaim, crowned with the extraordinary gift of connection. Her expertise naturally elicits formal esteem. However, it is the magnetism of “Dr. Mel,” that captivates the hearts of her followers. She uses insight and experience, equally paired with humor and authenticity to instigate authentic relational discussions that incite action. 

Creator of the LIFE BONDS™ brand (Life Bonds book series, podcast, channel, and workshops), Dr. Melanie Ross Mills reminds us that life is about bonding in healthy, life-giving ways. She's been called "the heart doctor" as she seeks to engage the heart in all that she does.