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How do we find joy in the midst of this pandemic we're facing? 

Being able to find your joy and own your joy is what will not only get you through these uncertain times, it will also help those around you get through it. 

Happiness and joy are not interdependent. Knowing the difference will help you find true joy in the midst of any situation.

Happiness is based on temporary circumstances. Joy is based on a choice that stems from intentionally making an effort to see the good, embrace the moments, and produce gratitude within yourself. It takes effort to produce joy as you must look beyond your circumstances. 

Producing joy will look unique for every individual, as each of you have your own strengths, interests, experiences, and relationships that promote joy within your hearts, minds, emotions, spirit. However, there are a few universal ways to tap into your joy, as we all have the same basic needs for love, significance, and security.

Here are a few quick tips on producing your joy today!


Gratitude produces joy. Label your blessings for the day. What are the top three things that you’re grateful for today? Label them and explain why you're grateful for these things (For example; I'm grateful that I'm healthy today because I'm able to be productive, of sound mind, purposeful, and helpful to those around me.). 


Intentional living produces joy. You

living with intention gives you a greater ability to tap into your joy because you feel purposeful and productive. It not only stimulates your mind and heart, it also helps you meet your basic need for significance. 


Loving yourself and loving others produces joy. If you wrestle with low self-worth, it's possible you experience difficulty finding joy because you've not yet recognized and owned loving yourself yet. This hinders you from being able to extend an authentic love to others. However, if you've embraced your worth and know your value - you're able to give freely, lovingly, respectfully, and honoring to those around you. This synergy between yourself and loving others absolutely produces joy because you're created to love.


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