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The Value of Alone Time

Growing up my dad would make me stay in my room for a certain amount of time during the summer. I would head into my room with a bad attitude. While my friends were swimming and having fun, I was stuck in my room. I would listen to my walkman, doodle in my journal, and stare at my Cure music posters on the wall. Bored, bored, bored. I would count the minutes until I could leave my prison.

What I didn't realize was that I was setting myself up for cherishing alone time. I created a foundation that would afford me the ability to sit and think. I would come to like myself in ways I wouldn't have known. I appreciated the way that I thought about life. I enjoyed the silly and deep thoughts I would conjure up. I learned to like being with me. A priceless gift I would forever possess.

Do you value alone time?

Where does your mind go when you consecrate time by yourself?

How do you benefit by making alone time for yourself?

(Accompanying video below.)