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The Value of Your First Friend

As I began writing The Friendship Bond book, I reflected on my past friendships going as far back as I could remember. The more time I took to think about my experiences, the more vivid memories became. I was able to tap into the emotions I felt when I experienced my first pang of rejection. I pieced together the patterns of protection that stemmed from my very first friendship. Patterns that traveled with me for much of my life. Primarily because I did not have the tools to understand my own emotions and hurts. I did not know how to change my mindset. I was not aware of the ways I would bring my fears into decades of relationships. This realization became the catalyst and foundation for a book that could helpfully help women of all ages. It dawned on me that right thinking about our friendships could serve us well. Instead of carrying hurts we could embrace the good.

What are your first memories of your very first friend?

How has he/she made a long-term impact in your life?

What did you learn from this friendship about yourself and others?

Are there any messages you would like to re-program?

(Accompanying video below.)


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